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Fatty Liver Kraft curve of Mrs CT

Fatty Liver Kraft curve of Mrs. CT (38).

This is a lady with fatty liver disease, abnormal LFTs (GGT 589, ALT 159) gradually rising over the years. Ultrasound confirms fatty liver. HBA1C 36
She has a waist circ 98cm, weight 82.4kgs, height 171cms, BMI 28.2.
The average BP of 3 was 165/114
Normal kidney function.
Lipids are interesting: Tot chol 11.4, Tg 5.36. HDL 2.46
She has been told she should take statins, but she does not want to. As a result, has been referred to a lipid clinic as GP does not know what else to do.
Of note in past, she had a bone marrow transplant for leukemia and had steroids for 1 year (20 years ago).
She feels ok, with no real symptoms.
Alcohol is present- 3 glasses of wine per night.
She is worried. She has been told to “sort it”. But not a definitive plan on how to sort it. Lose weight, drink less, and move more.

We did a kraft curve:
Glucose stayed normal. 5.5 to 8 mMol/l
Insulin was 8.1 fasting, to 35.6 at 2 hours and 61.5 at 2 hours 10 mins.
Showing hyperinsulinaemic response.
She understood that carbohydrates turn to fat in the liver when Glycogen is full. (Ala Foie Gras).
She left with hope and a plan. Felt really positive. The curve has shown the root cause.
Plan to implement ketogenic diet for 4 weeks then repeats blood.
Repeat curve in 2 months.

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