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It is one year since we opened BarlowCollins Ltd

What, if anything have we achieved in that year?

Key driver was to have fun, create health, make a difference, give hope, make relationships that matter, give employment to local people, and to exist in a meaningful way one year later.

Amazingly I think we have achieved that!

Here are highlights

We have 2 founder directors who invested capital in the company, and now have 4 employees.

We now consistently see 40 or more people per week to remove ear wax, ease discomfort, return hearing, stop hearing aid whistle from obstructed canals. This was from a standing start.

We have seen/advised patients on metabolic health in Fareham Innovation Centre (individually and in groups) over a 6-week course, with consistent results. Weight average loss of 5kg, waist circumference measurements, (arguably a better measure of metabolic health) average reduction of 6cms, BP reduction, blood sugars dropping and remaining in healthy numbers, improvement in lipids, increased energy, snoring seems to disappear, sleep apnoea improves, mood lifts, memory improves, mental clarity improves, and we have a lot of fun on the journey.

We have collaborated with a digital partner in embedding a remote digital technology in a GP practice (Homewell in Havant) with amazing results in a group who most would say we can’t achieve any benefit. This has led to our first NHS contract to deliver this at scale.

We have collaborated with a point of care technology firm in Holland to measure insulin levels in clients to help them understand their root cause to obesity and metabolic ill health with the revelation that it is not their fault! This empowers people in a measurable way to turn their lives around. High levels of insulin, drive overeating and metabolic ill-health. Fix this and magically you create health in an ill body, not just treat the symptoms of disease with a drug.  As Dr Lustig says metabolic ill-health is “food-able”, not “druggable”. This was a revelation to us.

We are now opening our second office in Republic of Ireland where demand has been high already with no advertising.

We are a member of NAPC clinical faculty working on a hypertension at scale project and digital innovation.

All in all, for a retirement project not bad?

Thank you for your time reading this, please call 01329 448522 if you would like to know more.

About DC Health Hub

DC Health Hub offers a range of services, including a high-tech microsuction services for people suffering from impacted wax, causing symptoms of ear congestion, and we also provide tailored advice and remedial treatment for people suffering from Type 2 diabetes, and other metabolic related syndromes all related to hyperinsulinaemia (Insulin resistance).. We are located in Lee-on-the-Solent, close to Gosport, Stubbington, Titchfield, Fareham, Hill Head, Portchester, Wickham and Warsash.

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